• Stacey is SO fantastic to work with! She’s a natural in the kitchen, a wonderful teacher and shares her knowledge freely. As someone who is not a natural in the kitchen, her guidance helped me to make some simple, healthy and delicious dishes!

    Catherine R. Therapeutic Chef client
  • Working with Stacey I learned so much about nutrition, the myths about deprivation as a means to weight loss, recipes and recommendations for working with my gluten and lactose intolerances, and much more. Plus, she's a wonderful listener and pleasure to talk with.

    Connie S. Eating Psychology Coaching client
  • Stacey’s extensive knowledge and the very engaging way she presented the gut microbiome; her enthusiasm and commitment to helping people get and remain healthy; her contagious laughter and passion… all have made a believer out of me!

    Liliana R. Fermented Foods & Gut Health workshop participant
  • Stacey's fermentations class was wonderful! Stacey is energetic, engaged and expert in this area. She is a huge advocate for organic and sustainable culinary practices. The class was fun and informative and I left with everything I needed to launch my own projects.

    Robin D. Fermented Foods & Gut Health workshop participant
  • I thought I had a fairly good working knowledge of why fermented foods are an important part of my diet, and also was humble enough to recognize I am newbie when it comes to understanding all the reasons why. Your session had an incredible blend of information, practice, and camaraderie with the group gathered. You are an amazing guide and your passion shines through in everything you do.

    Christina E. Homemade Probiotic Foods workshop participant
  • Stacey customized wellness content that energized and enlightened our staff. We came back to the office excited about applying what we learned at work and home. She shares her extensive knowledge about food and health in fun and approachable ways. This wellness retreat had the highest staff reviews of any biannual retreat.

    Michelle D. Employee Wellness Offsite Client
Meet Stacey - A Therapeutic Chef - An Eating Psychology Coach - A Cooking Instructor
I’m Stacey and I suffer from what some might see as an unhealthy obsession with healthy food and a healthy planet. (For the record, I see it as more of a deep love than an obsession but am willing to concede that love and obsession are often a package deal.)  Read More >>
A Therapeutic Chef
An Eating Psychology Coach
A Cooking Instructor