Hello! I’m glad you’re here. First things first: allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Stacey and I suffer from what some might see as an unhealthy obsession with healthy food and a healthy planet. (For the record, I see it as more of a deep love than an obsession but am willing to concede that love and obsession are often a package deal).

While in the throes of a midlife career transition (and, if I’m to be honest, a midlife crisis, too), I followed this obsession down a path that led to becoming a natural chef, an eating psychology coach, and a leader in sustainable food systems. I work as a therapeutic chef and teach cooking classes throughout the Bay Area. Since I am by nature a giver, my ultimate goal is to help others cultivate similar obsessions, which I do by sharing my love of cooking, whole food nutrition, and mindful eating practices with students and clients of Your Beeting Heart.

I live in the heart of Silicon Valley (clearly an urban area) and grow much of the food my husband and I eat, including raising chickens, keeping bees, and canning, preserving, and fermenting food (all considered homesteading activities). However, I hesitate calling myself an “urban homesteader,” as I feel lacking in a few key traits shared by most who call themselves such: facial hair, tattoos, goats, and youth. I’m okay with all of this—except the goat part. I really want a goat. And I wouldn’t turn away youth if it came knocking.

A Therapeutic Chef
An Eating Psychology Coach
A Cooking Instructor

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